Once there, a part of your heart always remains

manneedsdifficultiesHard to believe that 6 weeks ago I was wandering through ancient Roman cities devastated by earthquakes. Ours is such a self-focused society–but I suppose it is only reflecting who we are in our sinful nature, yes?

What a needed jolt back to reality it is to study the history and walk in a land where the greatest events of all time took place over the past five thousand years. Somehow the little problems and foibles of life as a twenty-two-year-old maiden don’t seem so big anymore.

We are not so important or necessary as we would like to think we are.

Our Lord can use anyone–His purposes will not be thwarted. His truth will endure whether we embrace it or not. What then…will we take the less-safe road though we have no guarantee of the outcome?

To be used by God for His purposes, to be a vessel of His love in other’s lives, to please Him. Nothing is better. Once you have been seared in the refiner’s fire, you are ruined to any other life. What once was all you wanted–now is not enough.

As for God, His way is perfect (Ps. 18:30). We don’t have to understand. To try to do so is folly. Is it not enough to know what to do…and to do it (James 4:17)?

It is the antithesis of easy. Or simple. Or painless. Yet that is what makes it good. Good as God sees it and proclaims it–not the way we define it.


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