Wounded Healer – Part One

woundedhealer1The Dutch priest Henri Nouwen spoke of being “wounded healers” for His kingdom. When I first heard that simple phrase, something inside me drew back in reverent fear and awe. An awesome calling, to be sure, albeit far more elevated than I ever desired to climb.

Last winter my King brought me to a crossroads. It was a diverging of path which many far braver, far stronger saints than I have trod. If given time to ponder, I would readily have confessed that I did not qualify for that pathway. As much as I admired the witness of those believers, I was hoping for a road more in line with “happily ever after” than “though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him” (Job 13:15). Yet His call to me refused to be reworded or revised:

Will you let me hurt you, my child? And instead of cringing away from the blow, will you open up all the wider and allow the fiery wound to sear you to the very core of your soul? Will you be broken for me? Will you bear these wounds not as marks of shame but shadows of future glory?

Will you be my wounded healer?

As many of you know, I was married in the fall of 2007. Early in 2008 my husband forced me to leave our home. Our merciful God knows all that I did and went through to keep the marriage alive. Because of His grace, my offering of my life and my love was not and will never be wasted. But a marriage requires two people. Against the counsel of our families, counselors, and pastors, my husband divorced me.

In one of the glorious paradoxes of the Christian life, even as I lost everything, I had lost nothing (Romans 8:31, 32). The Lord mercifully and faithfully provided for me. He also protected me—not from pain, rejection, or even evil, yet His care remained evident. He held me close and assured me that He would not let me drown. When reality became worse than my most-feared nightmare, He let me feel His nearness in the darkness.

Read the entire series.


2 thoughts on “Wounded Healer – Part One

  1. This brought back memories of pain, even for me. I’m sure it did for you as well. But thank you for re-posting… I’m looking forward to rereading the rest of the Wounded Healer series, and also hearing the story of how God has continued to bring healing and restoration to your life. :)


  2. Archived Comments:

    2:23 PM
    Erin said…
    crying . . . praying . . .

    8:05 AM
    ladyakofa said…
    Oh, no! This can’t be, true. I’d a nagging feeling along this line but didn’t want to think the worst.
    Praying that God will comfort you greatly in this journey. 2nd Cor. 1:3-4

    8:26 AM
    Jana said…
    You are so brave and beautiful, dear Natalie. I LOVE YOU. And I love the Christ who has supported and guided you thru this valley.

    8:37 AM
    eliasboudinotismyfriend said…
    Dearest Natalie,
    I cannot begin to understand your pain, but I will certainly be praying for you! You have been such an encouragement to me through your writings over the years and I do so wish to be an encouragement to you through bringing you faithfully before our heavenly Father. I have had these words of a song flowing through my head over these past days. Even though you cannot hear the tune, I pray they will encourage you.
    With hugs,
    A friend

    My life held warmth and laughter and the Father was so near
    We walked in sweet communion each day.
    But my life has changed so quickly as my world came crashing in
    So I run into my Father’s arms again.

    I run to the Father and cast my cares aside
    His arms are open to take me inside
    Nothing can harm me when I’m in His embrace
    So I run to the Father for mercy and grace.

    When your day is filled with darkness and your nights are spent alone
    When the future seems as bleak as winter days
    There is grace beyond all measure, there is hope beyond degree
    If you’ll run into your Father’s arms again.

    So run to the Father and cast your cares aside
    His arms are open to take you inside
    Nothing can harm you when you’re in His embrace
    So run to the Father for mercy and grace.

    My thoughts go back to Calvary where Jesus died for sin
    My Father waits for me to come into His loving arms again!

    I run to the Father and cast my cares aside
    His arms are open to take me inside
    Nothing can harm me when I’m in His embrace
    So I run to the Father for mercy and grace.

    Abba, Father, Abba Father, You are ever standing near
    Abba, Father, Abba Father, Abba Father I will run to You.

    Copyright New Life Music, words by Pastor Bryan Powell (www.newlifesingers.com)

    8:53 AM
    Mod Girl said…
    Tears. There are no words.

    9:25 AM
    rebekah said…
    Natalie, I am so sorry for what you have gone through. Sometimes we don’t understand why these things happen to us, but thankfully we always have God to help us get through our toughest times. I pray that you will continue to heal.

    9:30 AM
    Anonymous said…
    praying and crying with you, Natalie…

    11:57 PM
    Busibeth said…
    Now I know why the Lord has been bringing you to my mind so often… My heart breaks for you… Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart with us.


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