Wounded Healer – Part Three

turn to the heavens

Photo courtesy of Jamie Marie Photography

Don’t waste your life trying to look good.
Spend your life making God look good. – John Piper

The above is one of many quotations and sweet words sent to me in letters from  readers. Some made me smile; some made me cry. I’ve pondered your quotes, songs, and poetry, even copying pieces into my paper journal.

I want to give each and every one of you a heartfelt thank you for your kind, encouraging letters and notes over the past two months. Even more, I am humbled and lifted up by your prayers. Thank you so, so much.

I’ve been blessed to see the response to what I shared in my posts. I feel an affection for you all, knowing that in Christ we are true sisters and have both a privilege and a responsibility to hold each other up during the storms of life. All I can do is hold His hand and stretch my trusting “muscles” as we carve out new paths.

I wanted to share with you a beautiful work of art, and part of its accompanying letter from one of our readers, named Jaime Marie. Below is her letter and above is her photography. May it embolden your heart as it did mine.

After reading your post, I began to completely lose faith in marriage and humanity. How could something like this happen? I am so glad that Jesus is a God that hears our cries and weeps along with us. I do believe that He wept and is weeping for you Natalie.

The photograph is of a girl, who had been hurt beyond imagination. Jesus has picked her up cleansed her and healed her, and clothed her as his precious and beloved bride. She cannot dance for him yet. Yet. But she has her head lifted to the heavens, and her arms lifted in praise to him. – Jaime Marie


3 thoughts on “Wounded Healer – Part Three

  1. Jamie’s photo and letter remind me of the song, Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus)

    There are times in our lives when we can do nothing more than fall into His arms. And, there are days when we may be strong enough to stand, but still need to cry. He is there through it all, so that on the sunny days we can Sing to Jesus, and in the end, we can dance for Him.

    I’m so grateful His arms are open, and He rejoices in every moment that we come to Him, whether in weakness and need, or adoration and praise.


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