Wounded Healer – Part Four


Photo courtesy of Jamie Marie Photography

Yesterday, while visiting my childhood church, the pastor put this painting on the screen. It immediately grabbed my heart and I looked it up as soon as I could. I can’t explain quite why I am so drawn to it…maybe because I see so much of myself in that girl’s eyes.

Fear. Faith. Freedom. Shame of what she is and what she has done mixed with wonder at the love and forgiveness that Jesus offers. A clumsy love expressed in the best way she knows how, ignoring the hisses and shocked gasps from onlookers. All that matters is being able to look into His eyes and feel the warmth of his smile.

I think we all have some of the “sinner” woman in us. The question is, what do we do when we see Jesus? Do we turn away, hide our face? Do we try to pretend we are as righteous as the Pharisees? Or do we fall on His mercy, offering all that we can, even if that is pitifully small and broken?

Someday I will finally be able to fall on my face in front of Jesus. Until then I will  ponder the story of the sinner who was forgiven, the woman who was redeemed. I will hope to see many eyes such as hers softened with the balm of Gilead.


6 thoughts on “Wounded Healer – Part Four

  1. That is a beautiful picture….thank you for sharing….
    Oh yes, it is true we all have some of the sinner woman in us…and our response to His mercy is what changes us, heals us and brings us close to His heart…
    It is when I fall that His mercy and grace is so breathtaking, so heartbreakingly beautiful and desperately needed. In His faithfulness and love He provides abundantly…


  2. That photo brings tears to my eyes; I see myself in that girl. Especially, as of late… I have convicted and re-convicted in several areas of my life.
    Shame, fear and yes, freedom from it all too!


  3. Beautifully said, Natalie.

    Jesus also said that “he who said never sinned should cast the first stone…”

    Redemption is for everyone. I’m so glad it’s available for me…Even Me!

    What a Savior!


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