Purity vs. Innocence

whitedressWearing a white dress is not a bride’s prerogative. The primary images for Pursue the Beauty focus on women wearing white dresses. This is no coincidence or a mere sentimental nod. It is in part because of the exquisite taste of Jamie Marie, but there’s more.

Other women deserve and need the opportunity to experience what a white dress symbolizes: beauty, purity, hope for the future. Sex slaves. Women who have been raped, molested, or abused in any way. Feel free to add to the list.

Purity is not a physical condition. It  can sometimes involve our bodies, but purity is not defined by the possession of a physical attribute or lack of certain physical experiences.

 Purity is not a physical condition.

On February 1, many supporters of the White Umbrella campaign wore white as part of White Out for Freedom. For me, it served in part as a reminder of the accurate definition of purity.1926_WhiteUmbrella_SharableImages_480x268_3

There is a marked distinction between purity and innocence. Don’t believe me? You’ve never had someone touch you against your will. The difference is everything. Unfortunately, the girls who have experienced forced intimacy struggle to believe it, too. Truth is, sex slaves are no less pure than you or me, but their innocence (and far more) has been stripped away and nefarious lies pounded into their bodies.

This is a horrific crime.  There is no way to make restitution for lost innocence. But they need a chance to wear white and know beauty. To feel safe and clean.

Do we care enough to fight for this?

Top photo courtesy of Jamie Marie Photography

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