She Gave Away Her Gloves

gloves-febI know a girl who sees. Money is tight, but she absorbs the reality of the need around her and does what she can. Sometimes that’s sharing her lunch; sometimes it’s piggy-backing someone on her bus card. It won’t change the world. It won’t solve any big problem like the need for clean water. But it still matters.

Like the gloves. It was one of those bitterly cold days–where it hurts to even breathe. This girl was waiting for the bus when a woman joined her. The woman was bundled in an odd assortment of items in an attempt to keep warm, from a baby blanket around her shoulders to men’s socks on her hands.

This girl hesitated, reluctant to offend the woman by offering help when she wasn’t asking for it. But as the bus drew to the curb, she tugged off her gloves and handed them to the woman. “Do you want these?”

The woman reached for them while protesting, “You don’t have to do that.”

“It’s okay. I want to.”

The woman was already pulling off the socks. “Well don’t miss your bus.”

This girl has gone through three or four pairs of gloves this winter. And giving a pair of gloves away doesn’t really matter–until it does.


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