Why I Trade Sleep for Words

headerproofThe expanded edition of Quest didn’t appear by the end of 2012. Obviously. And I’ve been too distracted to explain why.

Reason 1: Work. Last year I started my dream job as a proofreader for one of my dream publishers. I’m grateful to have the privilege of using my talents and loving my work. I’ve enjoyed other jobs, but this is a perfect fit.

Reason 2: School. I’m a student at the University of Chicago, building my credentials and having more fun than should be allowed. Few people are disappointed to stop a three-hour discussion on hyphenation in nouns versus compound adjectives, but that’s how I’m wired.

Reason 3: Writing. Despite school and work consisting of words, words, words, writing still gets its time. Lots of journaling, a bit of article writing, with blogging filling in the cracks. I’m also honored to be working on two book projects right now–one with a co-author and one on my own. Love it.

Reason 4: Rest. I try to keep most of my work and homework relegated to evening when my son is asleep. And except for the normal times of feeling overwhelmed, I’m loving it. But anything beyond the above items that isn’t truly essential will have to compete against a dream of one day getting more sleep….

I’m hoping this post can also serve as a balance–at least in a small way–to the more intense, angry, and otherwise weighty posts published lately. Yes, I’ve got a half-ton of baggage to sort through. And the posts on this site will get more intense and disturbing before they get lighter (as a whole). But I’m also enjoying sunshine and wanted to share why la vie est belle.

To the King (right now I can see Him).


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