The Piece I Didn’t Want to Write


The paradox of good and evil coexisting in the presence of a good God challenged my understanding of reality. – from an upcoming piece

I recently wrote the above in a piece for a favorite magazine (I’ll link to it here once it’s released). I’m dreading its publication.

I didn’t want to write this stuff. I wanted someone else to write it so I could read it and know that at least one other person “got” what I was wrestling through and questioning. So I felt less alone. So someone else could offer a few thoughts on how to keep going toward God through it all. Someone else would have done a better job.

But I haven’t found anything, and I process by words, so voilà‎.

Perhaps there are others writing on these topics and I’ve not run across them yet. If you know of any, please pass the information my way. Stuff like C.S. Lewis and An Unquiet Mind.

As long as what you are afraid of is something evil, you may still hope that the good may come to your rescue. – C.S. Lewis, Perelandra


4 thoughts on “The Piece I Didn’t Want to Write

  1. George MacDonald “got it.” He was C.S. Lewis’ spiritual father, as it were, though the two were separated by generations and never met (Lewis uses him as a character in “The Great Divorce”). MacDonald’s “The Wise Woman” is fairy tale/allegory right up your alley. The Curate of Glaston trilogy is Christian explication disguised as fiction. To sample snippets of his wide body of work, I recommend “Knowing the Heart of God,” edited by Michael R. Phillips (Bethany House Publications). The published letters of Lewis and especially J.R.R. Tolkien also cast light on the valley you are journeying through.

    Be comforted; you are not alone.

    I look forward to reading your article.


    • Tammy,
      I haven’t thought about George MacDonald in a long time. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t read “The Wise Woman” in at least a decade so I think I’m overdue to pick it up. :) Thank you for the encouragement, and I welcome any further thoughts you have on the article or anything we explore here.


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