Huffington Post: “What It’s Like To Be A Twice-Divorced Mom at 28”

Today a brief piece on my experience as a twentysomething divorcee was featured on the main page of Huffington Post’s Divorce section. Seeing it felt both good and bizarre; it’s not the topic I would have guessed or picked to focus on. But I’m enjoying making new connections through it with other single moms.

What It’s Like To Be A Twice-Divorced Mom At 28

I made it all the way through the ceremony, but when my brother hugged me at the reception, I lost all control. I pulled the whole “run to the bathroom and cry hard, then pretend you’re fine” routine. Then my grandfather and I began dancing and we started talking about my need for a divorce lawyer. I started crying, but it quickly turned into us laughing at the absurdity of it all. Read the whole thing…


3 thoughts on “Huffington Post: “What It’s Like To Be A Twice-Divorced Mom at 28”

    • Hi Sarah, I don’t take one passage and use it as a doctrine of marriage. I’ve written a lot about divorce and remarriage before, but to keep it simply, my beliefs on this haven’t changed since before I was ever married. I find Dr. David Instone-Brewer’s research and exposition of every text mentioning marriage in the Bible to be the most compelling and also the one that rightly portrays who I believe and know God to be. The book is worth reading though very dense; but considering the lifelong implications of this doctrine for every believer, I think dismissing his view without reading is only hurting yourself.
      His website:
      Note: I’m sure others hold this view as well. I just find his explanation the simplest and also most in-depth depending on how far and deep you want to go.


      • Thanks; I am looking into his website now. I realize that one should never take just one passage as a complete doctrine however Mark 10’s basic information is repeated several times in the New Testament. I also realize there are grounds for divorce (that God allows). However, I have yet to find a passage where God authorizes remarriage other than after the former spouse is no longer living. I’ll have to look into more and read up on it to see what I can find.
        Also things change after the New Testament came into play… what was acceptable before Christ doesn’t mean it was acceptable after Christ. (Sacrifices, for example)
        I’m curious what your Dad has to say on the topic ;-)


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