Favorite Articles by Natalie Nyquist

 Natalie’s Contently portfolio features many of her online articles.contentlysm

Suicide: Forgo “Rights” and Choose Courage
Courage says that even if I know the day I will die and that it will be immensely painful, I don’t shorten my life by one breath.

Why I’m Against Calling Anyone “Broken”
I’m on a mission: to battle against the use of the confusing, misused, harmful Christianese term broken.

Concrete and Grace
A true artist is not one who is free from issues or baggage. She is actively finding and putting together their broken pieces. Here’s to the girls with bruises and scars.

Try Harder, Push Through, Fake It
Pretending to feel good may be necessary for a minute or an hour, but may be avoidance long term. Pushing forward may set you back. You feel like you’ll always be the broken one, the one who everyone tolerates because she never gets well.

When Courtship Fails
After all, if I am “committed to courtship,” believe that “true love waits,” and say “marriage is ’til death do us part,” what else is needed? But courtship, ideals, and living a good life do not protect anyone from bad things happening.

Exposing Too Much?
There exists a healthy tension between honesty and unnecessary, gratuitous detail, but I see far too few artists and creators willing to risk. The world has no need for more people who spout trite, tidy truths about God while maintaining a facade of control over their lives.

Anger at God – Part 1
But it hurts more to live with an unanswered prayer than with a disappointment never prayed about. Perhaps all I’m doing is pretending I don’t care what happens–when I really do care so much. Sometimes I can’t breathe.

Anger at God – Part 2
God sees evil every day and does not stop it. And God is called good? I’ll let the emotions enter, the pain becomes unbearable, and I shut down. I’m thankful God can take my questions-and my anger.

Anger at God – Part 3
Yes, God is the measure of goodness, and as finite humans we fail to fully comprehend that. But it is wrong to call evil “good.” Perhaps we were not meant to see God’s goodness in such places.

Journey through Divorce

(the Wounded Healer series published in 2008)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Journey through Depression

(the original Journey series published in 2007)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

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